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2nd Dec 2023

8 Reasons Why Threading is the Best Option for Your Eyebrows

Imagine not having to worry about your brows for weeks at the end. Imagine getting your desired shape for an amazing price. Here at Glam India we value you, our customers, and know the importance of having flawless eyebrows.


Here are 8 reasons threading is better than waxing and tweezing for your eyebrows:

  1. Eyebrow threading lasts longer: Threading an ancient technique that pulls each hair from the cuticle to give you a more long-lasting shape.
  2. Gives a better shape: Unlike waxing, it is easier to shape brows with threading. Our stylists have worked for years perfecting this art and offer impeccable precision.
  3. Safer than waxing: Eyebrow threading is a noninvasive and quick way to have your eyebrows looking perfect and ready for any occasion.
  4. Good for sensitive skin: Eyebrow threading is also a great alternative for customers with sensitive skin. It prevents skin from getting irritated. No additional chemicals are used or required for this process.
  5. Hygienic: Threading requires the use of one item only – the thread. The thread used is made out of cotton and is disposed after every customer.
  6. No need to wait: With waxing you have to wait till your hair grows out to a certain length. With threading, you can come in whenever you see any hair and our stylist would be able to give you your eyebrow shape.
  7. Works faster: Tweezing is time-consuming and requires pulling out of every single hair. You can achieve a better and more flawless look quicker with threading. Leave it to our experienced stylists to show you how
  8. Prevents obvious demarcation: Waxing leaves some people with a very obvious line where their hair has been waxed. With threading your eyebrow look natural and well lined. This is not just applicable to eyebrow hair but also to your overall facial hair.

Now that you know why threading is better for you, let us tell you why Glam India is the best place to get your threading. Not only do we have AMAZING DEALS for threading but we also have a combined experience of over 25 years! With that being said, our stylists are passionate about what they do and will give you the best customer service. We are a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs.

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