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Hybrid Lashes
12th May 2023

Best Hybrid Lash Extentions in Arlington

Best Hybrid Lash Extentions in Arlington

Everyone in Arlington and Dallas Fort Worth seem to be talking about Hybrid Lash Extensions. These lashes give you a perfect blend of volume and fluff while being light weight. So read on to find out more about how these lashes are made, the different types of looks you can achieve with Hybrid Lashes and the overall benefits of getting this set.

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What are Hybrid Lashes?

While the terminology sounds a little high tech…the term “Hybrid Lashes” is used to refer to a technique that has been used by expert lash artists and techs before this term was even coined in the first place. The Hybrid Lash technique is a combination of two different types of lashes to achieve a certain desired look. For example; for a flutterly date night look, one false lash extension on one isolated natural lash is also combined with a 3D or 4D Volume Lash. This Volume Lash is also added to the ends of your eyelid to give you that fluttery natural lash look.

The good thing is that this revolutionary technique has given your lash technician the freedom and creative outlook to expand beyond conventional lash looks. They are able to produce multiple combinations of lash looks using different lengths, volumes and sizes. Not only does this enable them to master their lash technique but it also gives YOU, the consumer a bunch of different options to choose from. You will never be stuck with the same old lash look ever again. This is a great way to experiment with different looks and find out what suites your the best.

According to our lash artist, the hybrid lash technique is not just a technique but a style. In fact, it was unknowingly created by merging a few different techniques. This shows great advancement is the lash extension industry.

Ever wonder why this has gained such popularity? Well, many of your favorite celebs have also been raving this technique. For example, Kim Kardashian, often wears Hybrid Lash Extensions.  Even her little sister Kylie has been seen with a soft Hybrid Lash Extension set that looks absolutely gorgeous on her.

What are some benefits of getting Hybrid Lashes?

There are obviously numerous benefits of getting this unique Hybrid Lash set. Each hybrid lash sets delivers an individual touch and unique finish to your look. Every look is 100% customizable and your can speak with your technician about lash goals and looks that you would like to achieve. This particular technique results in an extraordinary rich dark volume set of lashes. If your natural lashes aren’t thick, Hybrid Lashes will achieve a fuller look to fill in any empty gaps.

What Types of Hybrid Lashes do you offer?

Hybrid Volume Lashes at Glam India – This is a mix of Volume Lash Extensions and Classic Lash Extensions using premade or Russian Volume. The effect is a textured look and is a great option if you’re a classic wearer and just want that little bit more from your set. Hybrid volume is also a great tool for customizing sets into looks such as ‘Kim K’ inspired where long lengths of classic lashes are strategically placed and filled in between with the volume extensions to give a spiky textured look.

Prices: Starting at $120+

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