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Eyebrow Extensions
5th Apr 2023

Brow Extensions: The Easiest New Way to Get Fuller, Thicker Natural Brows of Your Dreams in Arlington, Bedford and Grand Prairie.

Eyebrow extension is getting a fabulous response in the DFW metroplex. If you have gaps, scarce hair, thin brows or brow scars then it is the best painless solution Glam India is proud to offer.


What is eyebrow extension?

Much like lash extensions, brow extensions revolve around the concept of attaching fibers with a clear medical-grade adhesive to achieve a lengthening effect. But that’s where the similarities end.  With lash extensions you need natural eyelashes to attach the extension but with eyebrow extensions, the actual fibers are attached directly to the skin or the eyebrow hair itself. Eyebrow extensions are created with tiny fibers of mink or synthetic hair all varied in length, size and color. Individual hair is glued to existing brow hair or directly to the skin around your brows to mimic natural brow hair, direction and texture. It lightly fills the sparse spots also reshapes your arch, or even restructure your entire brow post-hair loss. Eyebrow extension makes your brows look sharp, clean, aligned and natural.

Eyebrow Extensions

Steps for Eyebrow extensions:

  1. The Stylist will apply primer with micro swabs to degrease the eyebrows and skin for good bonding of extension.
  2. Remove of excess hair by threading.
  3. Analyze the best shape that frames your face.
  4. Add extensions on the natural eyebrow hair or skin in the direction of your hair growth with medical-grade clear glue.
  5. The stylist will use the mascara wand to manipulate the natural hair and facilitate the filling.

Why should I get brow extensions done?

You can thank celebs like Lilly Collins, Cara Delevingne, and Angelina Jolie for bringing the fuller brow look back. But you don’t have to be a celebrity (or want to look like one) in order to benefit from brow extensions.

The main thing they can do? Tweak your brow shape. Your natural eyebrow shape is just a starting point. Extensions can give you a higher arch, a longer tail, more or less curve—you name it. (Don’t worry: stylists hold stencils up to your face to help you translate your mental picture into a concrete plan.)

They’re also great for filling in bare spots. Because of this, brow extensions are a great option for people who have over tweezed, those with age-related brow loss, or those with medical-related brow loss caused by chemotherapy, radiation, or trichotillomania

Benefits of eyelash extensions are:

  • It is Pain Free service
  • It gives 3D Eyebrow effect and natural shade unlike cosmetics, pencils.
  • Eyebrow extensions are smudge proof.
  • It has low Maintenance
  • It lasts up to 2-3 weeks.
  • It is less expensive than permanent cosmetics.

Aftercare for Eyebrow extensions:

  • Keep extensions dry for the first 48 hours.
  • Do not use eyebrow makeup.
  • Avoid showers, pools, heavy exercise.
  • Do not put any products containing oil on your eyebrows.
  • Do not rub your eyebrows while cleaning the face, and do not exfoliate.
  • Take care while changing clothes to prevent buttons, zippers, or the edge of clothing from touching or rubbing against your eyebrows.
  • Avoid resting your face on the bed pillow.
  • Lightly dab dry towel over brows if wet.

Brows frame your face and enhances your features, you don’t have to wait long to get the beautiful brows you deserve. Your favorite salon in Arlington, Bedford and Grand Prairie now offers brow extensions. Call us on 817-460-0786 to book your appointments. Let’s make that brow game strong!

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