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eyebrow threading from Glam India in Texas
20th Oct 2023

The Best Place to get your Eyebrows Shaped in Bedford

Eyebrow threading in Bedford is gaining quick recognition and popularity. This method of eyebrow shaping is used by millions of women in the east. Eyebrow threading gives you a precise and clean shape for your brows. This option is widely preferred than traditional eyebrow waxing methods because it is sanitary, lasts longer and gives your eyebrows a sharper and cleaner look. Not only is eyebrow threading more sanitary compared to eyebrow waxing but it is also less painful. Unlike eyebrow waxing our stylists use a cotton thread to gently remove unwanted hairs to enhance your natural eyebrow shape. Since all of your hair aren’t pulled out together on one strip threading gives your brow stylist more control over the hair removal process.

Our eyebrow threading stylist first has a brief consultation with you. It is important to let them know what type of shape you are trying to achieve with this session. You can bring a picture of what you want your eyebrow to look like and our stylists will try their best to replicate that eyebrow shape for you. It is important to hydrate your skin and keep it moisturized before your threading appointment. This helps make the threading process painless and comfortable for you. Another thing to keep in mind is to let your eyebrows grow out naturally and not tweeze them before your appointment. This will help our threading stylist give you a natural and good shape.

Eyebrow Shape with Eyebrow Threading

eyebrow threading from Glam India in Texas

Eyebrow threading in Bedford, Euless, and Colleyville have gained good momentum over eyebrow waxing because its benefits are better than any other hair removal method. Waxing and tweezing your eyebrows have been known to ruin your shape and cause issues like ingrown hair and burns. There is more room for error when waxing your eyebrows. It also poses a risk of accidentally taking off too much on one side compared to the other. Facial skin is more sensitive compared to the rest of your body. Overheated wax can sometimes result in skin burns and peeling.

Eyebrow threading is a simple, safe, and sanitary method that ensures you a good and precise shape. Your skin is left unharmed with this method and it is highly recommended for someone with sensitive and acne-prone skin. The reason people with sensitive skin prefer threading over waxing is that eyebrow threading causes less redness and skin irritation. It also prevents you from getting ingrown hair and over time make hair growth finer and more sparse.


A cotton thread is used to remove hair from the root and give your eyebrows a good shape. The eyebrow specialist twists the thread and gently traps each hair in between the thread. This simple yet skillful technique gives you a beautiful and natural eyebrow shape. The eyebrow specialist then trims your hair and applies aloe vera gel to soothe any discomfort you may feel.

Glam India serves the Bedford, Colleyville and Euless area for eyebrow threading and waxing. Our years of experience, professionalism and customer service is targeted toward providing our customers the best experience possible. We specialize in eyebrow threading and facial threading. Our eyebrow threading specialists have a combined experience of over 25 years! Rest assured you’re in good hands when it comes to shaping your eyebrows.

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