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21st Oct 2023

Facials are Your Best Friend

All of us want smooth and healthy looking skin. With busy schedules and stress, it becomes difficult to keep up with a good skin routine. Even if you do have a good day and night skin routine, it is only half of what your skin needs. Our face deserves a little extra pampering and facials are a great way to do that.

Here at Glam India, you can be stress-free because our stylists have a combined experience of over 25 years and you know you’re in good hands. It is a relaxing and easy way to take care of your skin. Each of our facials is designed especially for your skin type and concerns. When you come in, you get an initial consultation with a stylist. The first step is to determine what your skin needs and figuring out what facial will be the best suited for you.

Each facial begins with a deep cleanse to clean up your skin. After that comes the exfoliation. The stylist will exfoliate your skin with a special scrub to remove any dead skin. Have you ever tried popping a pimple or extracting a blackhead yourself? It leaves your skin irritated and may cause a little bleeding sometimes. Our stylist uses steam to open your pores and extract all blackheads and whiteheads with professional tools in a sanitary environment. It will leave your skin clean and smooth with no irritation or marks.

The relaxing part comes in now. You get a super relaxing upper body and facial massage with a special cream. The massage helps with firming the facial skin and creating more blood circulation to give you a healthy glow. This also prevents your skin from looking dehydrated and getting dark circles.

Facials have numerous benefits and truly help your skin get that healthy natural glow. It is that one step extra that gives you flawless skin. Our customers can’t stop talking about how much they enjoy this service and keep coming back for more. Our stylists are experienced so you know you’ll be in the right hands. After all, it’s never a bad time to treat yourself because you deserve it.

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