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19th Aug 2023

Henna Tattoos: The Art of Body Art

Tattoos are a great a way for people to express themselves. While some prefer permanent tattoos, others might skeptical about getting inked. Henna tattoos are a quick and safe alternative.


Historically, henna has been used in South Asian, middle-eastern and Arabic regions. The henna dye is prepared from dried henna leaves which are mashed into a paste. This paste is then used to create beautiful designs that stain the skin. This makes henna a great all-natural alternative to permanent tattoos.


Now that you know what henna tattoos are let us tell you why Glam India has the best henna tattoo service in Arlington and the DFW area. Henna art requires practice and precision and our stylists have mastered both. At Glam India we take the time to talk to our clients, figure out what type of design they like and come up with the best options to fit their budget. The best part is that you can bring in any design that you find online and we can make it for you.


The Arlington area is filled with diversity and our goal here is to embrace that. We specialize in threading, lashes, henna, waxing, and facials. We truly are a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs. Our stylists have a combined experience for over 25 years and we have been serving the Arlington area for over 10 years now.

Call us to book an appointment today and get the tattoo you’ve always dreamed of. We accept walk-ins too!

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