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mink Lashes
7th Oct 2023

Why Everyone Loves Individual Mink Lashes in Arlington

Individual Mink Lashes have gained quick popularity in the Dallas Fort Worth area and especially in Arlington. What if we told you that you can wake up looking flawless every morning? You can get long and beautiful lashes without having to wear mascara or struggling to put on strip lashes every day! Our Individual Mink eyelash extensions are perfect for anyone who is getting extensions done for the first time. Their light weight feel and natural look make it them perfect for any occasion.

Mink Lashes

What to expect for your first lash appointment?

When you enter you will be greeted at the reception. Our receptionist will go over all the different eyelash styles we have to offer. You can choose between a natural, glam, mascara or hybrid set. Each set has varied prices. If you want a custom look with your extensions then you can bring a picture with you or let the receptionist know. Once you choose a style our receptionist will inform the lash artist.


  • A good atmosphere is key  to having a good experience at your appointment. Here at Glam India we value ambience just as much as service
  • Our soothing color palette is inviting and relaxing
  • The plush blankets and soothing music will help you relax and regenerate


Our lash artist will then have a brief consultation with you regarding your lash look and what look you are trying to achieve.

  • Our lash artist will give you a personalized consultation and will talk to you about different lash looks, lash lengths and lash curls that we offer
  • Our stylist will then determine length and density of your lash look
  • We also require to sign a consent form where you inform us about your allergies, current beauty routine etc.

Pre-Application Process:


Once you have decided on what type of eyelash look you want to get our lash artist will prep your lashes. After that is done she will proceed to begin the application process. The whole procedure takes about an hour and half. It is important to show up for your mink lash appointment on time so that our lash artist can utilize your appointment time effectively.

  • Now that you have determined what type of lash look you want you can relax and let our lash artist work her magic
  • Our lash artist will place a hydrogel pad on your bottom lash line to prevent glue from getting on there and to be able to clearly see your top lashes
  • Make sure to clear your schedule for at least 1 hour because you will have your eyes shut for the entire application process

Application Process:

  • The lash artist will use our premium quality lash adhesive to adhere one lash on to each of your individual lashes
  • You may feel a slight touch on your lashes and occasional brushing
  • If you have any questions or concerns during the process feel free to let our lash artist know


  • Once the application process is complete the lash artist will assess your lashes to make sure they look symmetrical and have no gaps
  • She will them hand you a fan to help dry the adhesive – you have the keep the electronic fan near your lashes for about 2 minutes
  • The lash artist will then remove the pads from under your eye to drum roll…..reveal your beautiful lashes!
  • You can use the hand held mirror or the full size mirror in the room to see your new set of lashes

Lash After-care:


Now that you have your amazing set of lashes it is important to take care of them. Our lash artist will go over the after-care with you along with informing you about your routine refills.

  • Avoid water for up to 24 hours from the end of your appointment
  • Try and avoid steam or oily products on your lashes
  • Do not wear mascara over your lash extensions
  • Schedule your refill two weeks after your initial appointment

Here at Glam India we offer you over 10 years of experience at your service. Our lash artists boast a diverse portfolio that you can peruse on our website or on our Instagram page @BrowsbyGlamIndia.

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