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Eyebrow threading painful
18th Feb 2023

Is Eyebrow Threading Painful? What Does It Feel Like?

Eyebrow threading is a traditional Indian way of removing hair. The only thing used is a piece of thread made from cotton. It is done through twisting the cotton thread around the Artist’s finger then pulling it along the areas of the hairs you want to be removed. It seizes the hairs straight from the follicle’s root. The technique is entirely natural, and no chemicals are used. It is a great advantage to your skin.

Almost every hair removal techniques bring about some pain. However, eyebrow threading is less painful as compared to other methods. The reason for less pain is that it removes the hair directly from the root. You will not go through the pain of pulling out your hair or the pain of tugging your skin. The sensitive parts of your skin will not be affected by the use of sticky wax because only a thread is used in hair removal. The little pain you will experience on threading dies away very fast.


The discomfort you experience will depend on the sensitivity of the threaded area. For instance, some people find threading the top part of the eyebrow-less painful as compared to the lower one. However, there is a strategy through which you can use to reduce the pain. The Artist threading your brows uses a tactic where you hold your eyelid closed and use your to stretch the skin. This is a significant way because the tighter the skin is, the lesser the pain you experience.

Some people tear up during the threading process. This is hard because of pain but due to natural responses in the body. The body is most likely responding to the threading of the sensitive parts of the skin. Some people will not experience any amount of pain but their eyes still water. It is just a normal reaction of the body alerting you something is happening.

People still go for eyebrow threading despite the little discomfort that can come with it. Most people believe that the results are worth the pain. The following are some of the benefits.

The process is chemical-free. As in other hair removal techniques, eyebrow threading does not use any chemicals but uses a thread. There are no liquids or harmful substances applied to the skin. The process is entirely natural.

The process is very fast. Threading process is done very quickly, thus not spending much time. A Brow’s Artist who is experienced will take at least seven to ten minutes to have your brows done.

Efficient results. The outcomes you get from brow threading are long-lasting. You will not have to visit an artist to have your brows done frequently. The method is also efficient because the hair is directly removed from the follicle, and your skin remains in shape.

Threading is efficient because it can take off even tiny hairs. You will not have to wait until your hair grows to a certain level to have it threaded as compared to waxing. Any size of your hair can be removed easily.

At Glam India Beauty salon, we ensure that once you get used to brow threading, you will be able to get used to the feeling naturally. It is important you notify our Artist in case you are nervous about the process. Our professional artists will come up with the best strategy to enhance your comfort and guarantee you incredible results. We assure you that the ten minutes of discomfort will give you a long time of beautiful brows with no negative impacts on the skin as no chemicals are used.

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