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24th Apr 2021

Is It Safe to Get Your Eyebrows Done the During COVID-19 Pandemic?

You might be wondering if it’s worth getting your eyebrows done during the pandemic but your favorite salon in Arlington, Bedford and Grand Prairie: “Glam India Threading & Spa”  has adopted a  new way to perform threading while ensuring safety, to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The conventional eyebrow threading technique involves using the mouth to hold the thread while performing threading, which would compromise the safety of the customers during this time. To solve this issue our stylists at Glam India Threading Spa at Arlington, Bedford & Grand Prairie have adopted a new method to thread your eyebrows which ensure our client & staff safety.

We have answered a few questions that you might have below.

How does the new method work?

This new technique involves in wrapping the thread around the neck of the stylist instead of holding it by the mouth. This limits the spread of the virus and ensures increased hygiene. In fact this method has proven to be less pain full amongst our clients.

Does this technique guarantee the same results as that of the conventional brow threading?

Glam India Threading & Spa which is awarded as one of the best salons around the Arlington, Bedford and Grand Prairie areas is known for its exceptional eyebrow threading and eyebrow shaping skills. This new method at our salon ensures more safety & does not compromise the outcome of the eyebrow threading. We guarantee the best results even with the new method.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to a Glam India location near you to achieve the best brows ever. We are open and offering all the services on our menu. You can call us to book an appointment. We accept walk-ins too.

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