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9th Sep 2023

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling in Arlington has slowly become a new favorite among women. This revolutionary treatment used by celebrities and influencers helps transform your skin. Tired of having acne scars, pigmentation, uneven skin texture and large pores? Well, this cutting-edge technique is your savior!


What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally evasive skin treatment that helps stimulate the body’s natural reaction to produce collagen to heal wounds. This technique is also known as acupuncture and has been practiced for centuries. Skin specialists discovered it’s benefits for improving skin problems and helping with some common skin issues that most people face.

While most people wonder if microneedling is worth the splurge it is important to note that it has numerous benefits. This treatment helps solve different skin issues that you would otherwise have to tackle separately. Microneedling helps boost collagen, improve blood circulation, improve wrinkles and fine lines and lift your skin. Microneedling also helps treat acne scarring, stretch marks and hyper pigmentation!

How to prepare for my first Microneedling treatment? 

When you come for your first micro needling treatment make sure to cleanse your face. You should be free of all makeup and products. It is also helpful to identify any allergies or medical conditions before your appointment. This way you can let the esthetician know in advance.

What to expect during your Microneedling appointment?

Our esthetician will have a brief consultation with you about your skin and what you want to achieve after this treatment. She will also walk you through the steps during the treatment and make sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Once you have made yourself comfortable in the facial room, the esthetician will apply numbing cream on your face for at least half an hour to ensure maximum comfort during the treatment.

Once your face is numb the actual microneedling procedure begins. The tool used for this procedure a a Microneedling pen with tiny needles on the tip. The esthetician will work on different sections of your face. Each time she uses the pen over your skin, she will apply a custom serum with vitamins for your skin to absorb throughout the process and feel nourished. The first time she microneedles over an area will feel completely painless. However after the third time you may feel a slight scratching sensation. Don’t worry, it is perfectly normal.

The esthetician will cover different parts of your face like the check, nose, jawline and upper lip area. With the numbing cream in action you won’t feel any pain at all! After the micro needling procedure the esthetician will apply a cooling face mask all over your face. This mask will help calm your skin and deeply nourish it. It will also help reduce any inflammation and redness. The last step is to apply a calming face cream to seal the deal! Now your skin will feel beautiful and nourished.

The amount of downtime that someone may need after microneedling varies from person to person. It is typically 2 to 7 days of after-care. We recommend to avoid working out, wearing makeup, or applying anything other than gentle cleansers and moisturizers for at least 24 hours after the treatment. It is highly advised to stay out of direct sunlight after your procedure.

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