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eyebrow threading
24th Mar 2023

5 Things No One Ever Told You About Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading in Arlington has never been more popular! Eyebrows are an important facial feature of our faces. They help to frame the face and allow you to express yourself. Brows can be strongly and intensely defined or thinly arched for a more gentle appearance. You can create your brows to look any way that you want them to appear. There are various methods to go about shaping your eyebrows. Waxing and tweezing are the more common and typical ways to shape up your eyebrows. These methods are time consuming and painful though. A better option is to opt for threading your brows instead. Here are five things no one has ever told you about eyebrow threading.

A Less Painful Solution to Eyebrow Hair Removal
Hair removal, in general, is often painful and uncomfortable. Tweezing can be irritating and waxing is always a painful experience, although some wax specialists are quick enough to make the pain last just momentarily. Eyebrow threading is a different story altogether though since it involves pieces of thread just lightly plucking hairs out of the follicles. The experience of threading is described mainly as a weird sensation and not painful. The only thing to expect from the beauty treatment is some slight temporary redness where hairs were removed. Using an aloe vera gel product should help to reduce that redness quickly. Your therapist may recommend a few other helpful methods to quickly reduce any redness of the skin where you had your brows threaded. You should easily be able to take care of any redness in your skin.

Your Eyebrows Have More Definition
Threading is a more specific method of hair shaping compared to other hair removal options out there. This is due to the fact that it takes individual hairs or a straight line of hairs. This leads to a more defined and clean look for your brows. Eyebrow definition is coveted since it creates a more striking appearance and a more firm looking brow. If you want carefully sculpted eyebrows that will allow you to arch with gusto, then threading is for you. Shaping will also rely on the capabilities of the threading specialist that you opt to choose to put your brows into the hands of. Most threading specialists are capable of creating a strong and defined shape for your brows due to their skill and generally, they know exactly how to make every client’s brows look fantastic with a little bit of their own artistic capability and awareness of how face shape works in how to make your brows complement your face the most.

You’ll Save Time
Hair removal can be a bit of a time wasting activity. Tweezing is time-consuming in the fact that it involves slowly plucking out each hair that you want to be removed. Eyebrow waxing isn’t time-consuming exactly, but it does involve regular appointments that are painful and require a longer length of time to recover from the procedure. Threading involves committing to regular appointments, but you won’t waste time on recovering after the procedure or on slowly removing the hairs one at a time. The other thing that you need to know is that threading tends to reduce hair growth, so you won’t have to go to appointments as often the longer you have it done. This will help you have an easier time maintaining your brows in the future.

Be Specific on What You Want
Everyone wants their brows to look a certain way. Before you have your brows threaded, though you need to talk openly about what you want with your brow specialist. You need to be clear about what you want because your brow specialist may not do exactly what you want otherwise. They have experience and awareness about what works best for people when it comes to their brows. So you can put some amount of your trust in the brow specialist if you want. Or you can be clear on exactly the kind of look you want and they will do what they can to meet that expectation. You should expect your brow specialist to take some liberties on your brows based on what they know will look better for your look and for your face shape. Don’t be afraid to tell your specialist if you aren’t completely satisfied with the end result either. They will be happy to shape up your brows more if you so wish to.

Threading will Result in Your Best Brows Ever
The threading of your brows will result in your best brows ever. This is no joke or a marketing plug. You will genuinely see better brows after you have your brows professionally threaded. If you have crooked brows, you will see more evenly cut brows. If you have thick brows, they will be carefully thinned out. If you suffer from unshapely brows, you will have carefully shaped brows after going to a threading beauty appointment session.

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